Quick Look at the Infinite Reel Slot Game, Golden Haul

Bad Dingo has licensed the Infinity Reels mechanic from ReelPlay for its second game, Jaguar SuperWays, after taking a risk with their first title. The Silverbullet platform from Relax Gaming is responsible for the lackluster slot game, Golden Haul Infinity Reels. The prior inventiveness has faded away, replaced with dull statistics, a lack of features, and repetitive play on Infinity Reels.

To be fair, Golden Haul Infinity Reels is visually pleasing. Given the subject’s widespread use in slot machines, the inclusion of a gold-mining theme in an Infinity Reels game seemed inevitable. A 34 grid of Infinity Reels appears at the start of the game and moves across the screen as further reels are added. With stunning visuals and an upbeat banjo-led soundtrack, Bad Dingo succeeds in making the desert setting feel authentic. It’s too bad the rest of the game can’t match this level of excellence.

Golden Haul Infinity Reels is a slot machine that can be played from 30 cents to £/€60 a spin across mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. The slot machine’s return to player percentage is 95.10%, which isn’t terrible. A mathematical model with modest volatility softens the blow, but the payout potential of just 1,541 times your initial wager is astonishing. If a game has the potential to have an infinite number of reels, then that sum should be larger.

The paytable’s 10 standard symbols are card suits for the lowest payouts, moonshine bottles, lanterns, picks/shovels, and dynamite bundles for the middle, and cash for the highest. A bag of nuggets and a bearded prospector are two more tiles utilized as high paying symbols. Wild symbols may assist complete winning combinations by standing in for any other symbol in the game, with scatters being the only exception.

Slot Functions, Golden Haul Infinite Reels

The Infinity Reels feature, which triggers winning combinations when 5 or more identical symbols appear left to right, is central to the action. If the rightmost reel is part of the combination, a new reel will appear in the matrix. Extra reels are introduced if the new one increases the win potential or includes scatter symbols. This process of adding new reels repeats itself until each additional reel no longer adds value. Then the payouts are made and the reels start over. As more reels are added, the multiplier for certain symbols grows by 1.

Starting on Reel 3, the symbol portraying the prospector relaxing on the wagon with some explosives is the Infinity Wild. When an Infinity Wild appears, it can expand the reels by up to seven positions, leaving a trail of further wilds. It is possible for many Infinity Wilds to appear within a single spin.

The main attraction is the free spins bonus, which is activated anytime a scatter win happens, defined as the appearance of 5 or more scatters anywhere on the reels. The payoff is 15 free games in addition to the value of the scatter combination. It’s important to note that free spins function just like normal spins in the main game.

Slot Review: Golden Haul Infinite Reels

Bad Dingo’s latest slot, Golden Haul Infinity Reels, is a departure from their previous release, Jaguar SuperWays. The studio’s first release was a very original game that used a SuperWays mechanic to blow up the grid in unexpected ways. It wasn’t perfect, but it did demonstrate a studio that wasn’t scared to try something new from the get-go. In contrast, Golden Haul Infinity Reels represents a 180-degree change in direction. The team has not only used a mechanism developed by another firm to drive the action, but they have also not added anything to the package beyond what is already there.

It’s not all bad. The banjo adds some coziness, and the images and desert scrolling effect are great. Everything comes together to provide a good first impression, on the surface at least, that the remainder of the game proceeds to ruin. Although Infinity Wild’s premise is intriguing, it’s ultimately let down by a deluge of average content. It seems like Bad Dingo exhausted their creative energy on their first slot and were left with nothing to work with for Golden Haul.

Golden Haul’s subpar performance when compared to Bad Dingo and every other Infinity Reels slot is one of the game’s biggest mysteries. The payout potential isn’t much better than a poke in the eye at 1,541 times the wager, the return to player percentage is mediocre, and the medium volatility won’t thrill anyone looking for high-octane excitement. The maximum payout is puzzling because payouts of that size (and larger) are common on simple three-reel slot machines. Words lose their significance when they are used without any sort of supporting evidence, so if you’re going to use terminology like “Infinity Reels” or “Infinity Wilds,” at least provide rewards that go into the infinite. Like Megaways, it can add to your game time, but it’s not nearly as exciting.

You can’t help but think that if Bad Dingo had forgone the license payments and gone it alone, they would have been better off financially. Golden Haul Infinity Reels dispels any intrigue about what the company produces next, in contrast to Jaguar SuperWays, which suggested the studio would try to force its way onto the radar.